Day 3 (and 4): Oregon Scouting Visit Field Notes

Welcome to Oregon

I spent Day 3 of my Oregon scouting visit exploring some of Eugene’s outdoor markets and hanging out with the locals. It was a gorgeous sunny day – ideal for perusing stalls, sampling food, people-watching, and listening to music. It was a really positive experience that further re-affirmed how at home I feel here in Eugene.

Where did I go and what did I discover? Read on to find out!

Made by REAL Hippies - Your Place FinderEugene Saturday Market

I headed off to explore this downtown market first thing on Saturday morning. The Eugene Saturday Market covers three downtown blocks and has the distinction of being the oldest weekly open-air crafts festival in the U.S.

The Saturday Market was packed with vendors selling all kinds of food, along with everything from jewelry, to clothes, to paintings, to ceramics, to tarot readings. Some quintessentially Eugene items included:

  • “Wake and bake” coffee mugs replete with built-in ceramic pipes
  • An assortment of tie-dyed clothes with a sign that read, “Made by REAL hippies!”
  • T-shirts that said, “Eugene: we’re all here because we’re not all there.”

I sat for a while in the sun next to a tiny stage, where a woman strummed an acoustic guitar and sang songs in Spanish, Japanese (?), Eugene Saturday Market - Your Place FinderHawaiian (?) and English before inviting kids up on the stage to shake maracas and sing along. Then a guy dressed in full cowboy attire got on stage and started singing “poor old me” country songs, so I continued on my way.

Eugenians are easy to talk to and often very funny.

I spoke with a vendor who talked about how weather people couldn’t forecast worth shit. He told me how the other day it was raining so hard and pounding on the mud, it was just like “a cow on a flat rock.” Now that’s a graphic description for you! And I learned from a coffee roasting vendor that Starbucks coffee tastes the way that it does because they “roast the hell out of it.” So, there you go!

Lane County Farmer’s MarketLane County Farmers Market2 - Your Place Finder

Conveniently located across the street from the Saturday Market, this farmer’s market had an impressive variety of baked goods, vegetables, fruit, honey, flowers, wine, meats, cheeses and more. Wandering around soaking up the local “flava” was an amazing way to spend the morning. By mid-day, I was ready to track down another place that piqued my curiosity.

Hideaway BakeryHideaway Bakery - Your Place Finder

I knew I had to check this place out when I saw it had wood-fired pizzas, baked goods, and a righteous outdoor patio. The layout of the place was somewhat unexpected, but the patio was everything I’d hoped it would be! Their website said they have a Saturday farmer’s market, but I only saw one vendor in the parking lot. I’m guessing that’s because it’s near the end of the growing season.

Eugene Party - Your Place FinderNeighborhood Block Party

The super nice proprietor of the AirB&B I’m staying at invited me to join her for a neighborhood pot-luck party on Saturday afternoon. Naturally I accepted. What a fantastic opportunity to casually hang out with a group of locals! The hostess made some very delicious watermelon mojitos and there was a wide selection of food. In one funny moment that felt very Eugene, everyone looked at the bowl of gummy bears on the table and asked, “Are those…?” In case you’re wondering, no, they were not infused with any THC or CBD.

Scouting Visit Day 4: A (much-needed) day of rest

Scouting visits give all your senses a real workout, which can get to be exhausting. I learned this lesson the hard way. I’ve been really pushing myself these past few days and yesterday afternoon, it totally caught up with me.

This is why I dedicated Day 4 of my scouting visit to recharging my battery. I have some exciting outings planned over the next few days of my Oregon scouting visit. By taking time to rest, I’ll be fully energized to tackle them and provide you with a full report!

Day 5 Field Notes Up Next!

Find out what happens on Day 5 of my Eugene scouting visit here.

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