Free Placefinding Cheat Sheet

You’ve thought of everything your perfect retirement location needs to have… or have you?

You have a list of must-haves for your perfect location to retire.

You’re pretty sure you’ve thought of everything you’ll need in your new location. But what if you overlooked something important that could come back to bite you later on?

Stop worrying with the free PlaceFinding Cheat Sheet!

The PlaceFinding Cheat Sheet is a handy companion tool for your online research that consists of an exhaustive reference list of community data points and features in more than 20 categories. With the PlaceFinding Cheat Sheet by your side, you can feel confident no important details are falling through the cracks.

Place finding cheat sheet

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  • Access a wealth of data points to improve the results of your research.
  • Avoid a wrong move due to less-than-thorough research.
  • Get one step closer to finding your perfect location to retire.

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