Ready, Set, Move

You’re thinking about moving to retire, but indecision is keeping you stuck in place.

You’re excited to start a new chapter in your life and wonder if retirement would be even better in a new location.

This could be the perfect time for a change. But you’re just not sure. You want to feel confident you’re moving for the right reasons. More importantly, you do not want to waste a bunch of money on a move you might regret.

Like you, I considered moving to retire. Unlike you, I did not stop to think through my decision. I plowed ahead like a bull in a China shop and ended up paying the price! Three failed moves later, I realized I could have avoided a whole lot of misery and expense had I simply applied the planning and evaluation skills I’d developed over three decades as a nonprofit consultant and coach to my own situation.

So I did the next best thing.

retirement advisor-margaret

I created Ready, Set… Move?

To help retirees (and almost retirees) like you examine the pros and cons of a potential move from all angles, so that you can feel confident you are making the right decision – whether you end up moving or staying where you are.

  • You’re exhausted from going back and forth and getting nowhere.
  • You’re tired of friends and family telling you what they think you should do.
  • You’re tempted to take path of least resistance and just stay put.
  • You worry you’ll regret not stepping out of your comfort zone if you stay.
  • You wish you could mute all the “what ifs” and decide already.

Meanwhile, life is passing you by while you’re trying to figure out what to do.

You just want to put an end once and for all to the uncertainty that is holding your life hostage, so you can focus on getting the most out of your retirement – wherever you live!

Ready, Set… Move? will take you from frustration and indecision to confidence and clarity about whether you should move for retirement. With Ready, Set…Move?, you can look forward to:

  • Having time and space to reflect on the impacts of a potential move.
  • Gaining new perspectives that illuminate your decision.
  • Achieving peace of mind that you are making the right decision.
  • Finally shifting your life out of neutral and into drive!

Ready, Set… Move? is a 4-week program that includes:

  • Access to a one-of-a-kind tool designed to help you objectively explore your current situation, motivations, mindset, and expectations as they relate to a move.
  • A link to complete one bite-sized portion of the tool, emailed to you each week over 4 weeks, so you have plenty of dedicated time and space to reflect on your feelings and carefully weigh the pros and cons of moving to retire.
  • One 45-minute 1:1 coaching/consulting session over Zoom at the end of the 4 weeks to give you the opportunity to talk through your results and map out your next steps with a strategic planning consultant and certified coach.

I understand from experience the decision to move is not to be taken lightly – especially later in life! By helping you decide once and for all if you should move to retire, the easy-to-use tools and 1:1 coaching/consulting support you get from Ready, Set… Move? will save you money, time and angst.

Investment: $297


What Clients are Saying

Margaret has a tremendous system in place to help you find your dream location. Based on our wants, she found places we would never have thought of. The way she presents the finished package makes it so easy to go deeper into the information. And she's delightful to work with! My only regret is not finding Margaret earlier. She would have saved us so much money, time and energy. I highly recommend Your Place Finder if you're thinking of relocating. You won't be disappointed!

- Susan Weber and Matthew Schwartz

I recommend Margaret to anyone that is ready to make a move and would like some help finding a suitable new place to live. I love that Margaret did the research for me! I appreciate that she researches and identifies places to live customized to the client's needs and that she was willing to dig deeper on other things as we went along.

-Sadie Carrico, Professional Counselor and Life Coach

Margaret is genuinely committed to your moving journey. She has a wealth of great questions and is a sincere listener. She is very thorough at researching your options and provides you with all the answers you need to be comfortable with your decision to move. You will get more than what you paid for with Margaret!

-Birgit Schulz, Transitions Coach

"It feels like home in this place and in this city. The people here are friendly and welcoming. I have to say that I haven’t missed Houston one day, not one... I've had daydreams about this since I was a teenager. I just didn’t know where or when that would be."

-Angela and Jim Kanuth

“I recommend Margaret’s program to anyone who feels overwhelmed with trying to figure out where to relocate. Margaret is very easy to talk to and asks good questions that made me consider different criteria than I may have considered otherwise.”

-Stacie Meyer, Money Mindset Coach

"I was floundering around knowing that I wanted to move, but not knowing where to start. Margaret helped me crystallize my priorities and give me the tools to find my happy place. Thank you, Margaret!”

-Beth Nelson, Technical Writer

"Margaret helped me think through what I really want in my community and make the best the decision for the kind of life I want to lead. Without this process, I probably would have just moved to the first place that seemed like kind of a fit. Highly recommended!!"

-Bryn Bamber, Mental Health Professional, CCEP

Put an end to the waffling.

Achieve peace of mind about your decision to move for retirement, so you can focus on enjoying your retirement -- wherever you are!